About Us

Objective of the Service Charter
This Charter is a commitment by the County Assembly of Kericho to improve service delivery to all its customers and stakeholders. It enhances awareness on our role as an Assembly by giving insights on our values, our core functions and the expected service standards.

To be a model professional, effective and efficient County Assembly and a key player in the process of good governance and democracy

To facilitate the Members of County Assembly to efficiently and effectively fulfil their constitutional mandate of representation, legislation and oversight in the County Government by upholding and ensuring the autonomy of County Assembly in its corporate relationship with other arms of the two levels of Government.

Mandate of the Assembly
Represent the people at the Ward level and special interest groups in the County Assembly.
Exercise legislative authority of the County Government through Bills passed by the Assembly and Assented to by the Governor.
Conduct oversight over the County Government Executive and executive organs including appointments, plans, policies, budgets and expenditures.

Strategic Objectives

  1. To enhance Knowledge and Expertise of MCAs and Staff for effective representation, oversight, openness, and accountability.
  2. To strengthen County Assembly’s Representative Capacity through external linkages and partnership with various stakeholders to foster sustainable development.
  3. To Improve County Assembly Legislative, Administrative and Infrastructural Support Services to enable Members to legislate and perform oversight function more effectively resulting in better utilization of public sector resources.
  4. To build adequate Institutional capacity to provide quality, efficient and effective services to the stakeholders and respond to adequately emerging issues.
  5. To ensure adequate financial resources are available to meet the capital and operational expenditures of the Assembly.

Core Values
Professionalism, Impartiality, Integrity, Efficiency, Courtesy and Servant Leadership