Report on the status of ECDE centres in Kedowa/Kimugul Ward Constructed By The County Government Of Kericho

  • 27 May 2018
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On  11th October,2017 Hon Dennis Kirui, MCA, Kedowa/ Kimugul  ward sought a statement from the Committee on Education and Child welfare on the status of all ECDE centre’s in Kedowa/ Kimugul ward that were constructed by the County Government of Kericho. On 14th November, 2017 the committee on Education & Child welfare made site visits to Kedowa/ Kimugul ward and came up with report and recommendations.

Report on Kipmasian Primary School

This School was constructed in the year 2015 and it was introduced by the Community Development Fund and they managed to purchased for them 1 hectare piece of land. The construction of this school was estimated at Ksh 500,000/=. It is important to note that this ECDE center has a population of 26 pupils. Building of toilets for this facility has not commenced yet a contractor has already been tasked with this. 

  1. The foundation of the project is shallow.
  2. Brick size is undersize
  3. Window size is undersize
  4. The wall of the classroom is almost falling.
  5. They iron sheet used is gauge 32 instead of 30.
  6. No ablution block

The community stopped the contractor from continuing with the project because of the mentioned sub-standard work.



  1. That the head teacher does The Bill of Quantities and sends it to the CEC, Education and Child welfare with photographs of the building attached/annexed to the BQS
  2. That the head teacher writes a letter to the CEC Finance & economic Planning through CEC Education & Child Welfare requesting  requesting for emergency fund.
  3. That the contractor of the Toilets be compelled to do this work as soon as possible failure to which that contractor should be released of this duty and blacklisted.

Report on Kaptembwo Primary School
The school was started in the year 2009 and is registered under ministry of education, the total enrolment is 267 pupils.
In the Ecde class there are a total of 37 pupils, being taught by 2 trained caregivers of which 1 is employed under county and the other 1 get her salaries from the parents
This school is faced by the following challenges:

  1. The name of the contractor is called MARABA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY.
  2. Thus the walling has been done by 3 different contractors, Roofing done by 1 Construction Company and a two course of block from the ground.  
  3. The window level is totally low and it has parted ways.
  4. The construction of the toilets in this school was sub-standard. It is hazardous to the young children if used as is. 

sample pictures

sample pictures


  1. The County Government should recruit a ECDE teacher for this school.
  2. The County should help with the registration of this school
  3. The toilets in this school should be built to a proper standard because as it stands it is a health hazard.

Report on Kimasian Primary centre
In this school, a contractor was awarded the contract for the construction of a classroom and ablution block. The said contractor failed to do this work. 

sample pictures

Sample pictures

The said contract be given to a contractor who can do the work as per specification. This should be done immediately so that children in this center can access proper facilities.

Mologit ECDE Centre
This school was opened in the year 1996. The school population is 40 pupils. Generally, the building is fair save for the roofing. The contractor used low quality roofing materials. The iron sheet used is 32 gauge. The timber for roofing measured is 2 by 2. This is sub-standard. 

The CEC Education and child welfare submits the name of this contractor to the county assembly.
The said contractor be asked to redo the roofing.
The contractor be compelled to complete the pending job.

The committee has noted that some contractors do sub-standard work and yet they end up being paid. This practice by the county government should stop. The people tasked with inspecting projects should be held liable for giving false reports to the finance department who then pay without question. It is also my plea to honorable members to report to this house any other ECDE center in their respective wards that were constructed in a sub-standard manner. The children of this great county should get quality education in good facilities. 

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Hon.Cheruiyot Bett,
Chairman, Committee on Education & Child Welfare

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